An empty ballroom is brought to life as tales of dancing and music across generations wake up dance teachers Frank and Wynn.  After World War II they inspire a town to keep moving through the traditions of ballroom dance to the explosion of rock and roll, northern soul and disco. A space to express yourself, you can learn the waltz one night and see Marc Bolan and Captain Beefheart the next. Everyone is welcome in The Dancing Club as dreams are made and refuge found. It’s time to learn a new dance and you’re all welcome to try a few steps. 

The Dancing Club is based around the true story of Kidderminster legends Frank and Wynn Freeman and comes to life following interviews with over 100 residents of the Worcestershire town. 


"I think people underestimate the value of dance schools and how important they are to the social wellbeing of towns. I wanted to run my dance studio just like Frank ran his." 

Len Goodman, dance and TV personality, BBC Strictly Come Dancing 2004 - 2016 and a judge during The Dancing Club's heyday

Music composed by Jon Bates, with choreography from Steve Elias (BBC2, Our Dancing Town), featuring a special recording from Kidderminster Male Choir.


The Dancing Club receives financial assistance from The Elmley Foundation, Arts Council England, Wyre Forest District Council, Worcestershire County Council, the Sir Barry Jackson Trust and support from Kidderminster College and Pentabus Theatre. It is Produced by Pippa Frith. 

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Written and Directed by Caroline Jester